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Lethal Legacy - Linda Fairstein After being assaulted in her New York City apartment, Tina Barr flees the scene of the crime, only to be found dead in Bryant Park days later. In the meantime, the body of heiress and Tina's ex-landlord Minerva Hunt's housekeeper is found in Tina's old apartment. Alex, Mike and Mercer must enter the world of antiquarian and rare books and maps in order to solve the murders. Also, someone has been impersonating fireman, deliverymen and cops in order to gain access to apartments connected to the New York Public Library. It turns out that the impersonator and the murderer are one and the same. Loved the details and history about the New York Public Library. Sometimes the details got a little overwhelming, but overall this was a very enjoyable read. Loved the character of Mike, though!