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No Fond Return of Love
Barbara Pym
Blood & Beauty: The Borgias
Sarah Dunant
Whose Body? - Dorothy L. Sayers 3.5 stars
Holly's Inbox - Holly Denham Cute at first, but quickly became boring and repetitive. Made it to about 30% then realized I actually could care less about Holly or her friends.
Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell Loved Levi, Reagan and Wren, but Cath came off as a mopey spoiled brat too much for me to sympathize with her. Also, could have done with a lot less of Simon Snow.
Listening Woman - Tony Hillerman 3.5 stars
A Moment Comes - Jennifer Bradbury Excellent!
Best Friend Blues - Karle Dickerson Royal blue sweatshirt with dolphin appliqué!!!! And love the sweater with the...beach scene...on the cover!
Danielle - Vivian Schurfranz I was enjoying my reread of Sunfires until Danielle. This one was just not...good. It was *okay* in the beginning when something was going on besides spoiled Danielle and creepy Geoffrey's relationship. Then the war ends and we just have Danielle obsessing thinking about Geoffrey. Oh, merchants are going broke because they can't sell their stuff...but what about Geoffrey? Oh, tons of people just died in a terrible war...but what about Geoffrey? This got very old, very quickly. Oh, Geoffrey just stole some priceless cameos? Oh well, he just didn't know any better (than to STEAL from his girlfriend and her family??? Sorry, Danielle that one doesn't work for me). If I wasn't so OCD about series, this one would've been a DNF pretty early on.
The Black Country - Alex Grecian Just didn't like this one very much.
Passage - Connie Willis Nope, couldn't do it.
The India Fan - Victoria Holt 3.5 stars
The Red Leather Diary: Reclaiming a Life Through the Pages of a Lost Journal - Lily Koppel 2.5 stars
Amazing idea, so-so execution.
Some "highlights":
Florence worrying about a coat while her parents are TRAPPED IN BURNING BUILDING!
The pointless chapter about the private investigator
And bonus "highlight":
The weird random Sherlock Holmes fact shoved gracelessly into said chapter.
Shift - Em Bailey Dear lord, what did I just read? So, so bad.
Homecoming (Tillerman Family, #1) - Cynthia Voigt, Plowman 4.5 stars. Dragged in some spots and Gram Tillerman was actually kind of scary.
Socks - Beverly Cleary, Beatrice Darwin Loved Socks, but the Brickers were the worst cat parents ever. Hated them and their stupid baby. Loathsome book.
A Vision of Light: A Margaret of Ashbury Novel (Margaret of Ashbury Trilogy) - Judith Merkle Riley Love that Margaret is a vegetarian!
A Song in Their Hearts - Janet Lambert 2.5 stars